Seller's Frequently asked Questions

How do I create a Kabodler seller account?
Does Kabodler work on mobile devices like phones and iPads?
Is Kabodler difficult to use?
What do I need to sign up?
How do I sell my tickets on Kabodler?
How do I restrict my tickets sales to a certain number?
How much does Kabodler cost?
How and when do I get paid for my sales?
How do I view my statisics and reporting?
If I use Kabodler can I sell my tickets on other retail platforms?
Can I change information I have published for an event or my profile information?
How do I cancel my Kabodler account?
Who is responsible for refunds?
How do I add custom fields to my tickets?
What promotions can I add to my tickets?
How do I add promotions to my tickets?
How do I increase my ticket allocation?
Why do I have to enter a booking fee?
How do I make free tickets?
How do I make free tickets with promotions attached?
How do I use Kabodler's campaign facility?
How do I pay Kabodler?
How do I market my event using Kabodler?
How do I notify fans/customers of a change of venue/bill/time?
How do I attach my Payment Gateway to my Kabodler account?
How do I sign up/sign in?
How do I refund?

App Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Kabodler Door App?
What Phone do I need to use the Kabodler Door App?
How do I use the Kabodler Door App?
How do I use the Kabodler Door App to allow my customers/fans to redeem the promotions I have attached to their tickets?
What happens if there is no connectivity at my venue?
What happens if my phone stops working?

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Buyer's Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a buyer account with Kabodler?
Where are my purchases?
How do I change my password?
What do I do if I have forgotten my password?
How do I use this ticket?
Do I own the track once I have downloaded it?
How do I pay?
What payment methods can I use?
I didn't recieve a confirmation email from Kabodler?
I am not sure if my payment has gone through?
Can I resell tickets bought through Kabodler?
Help! I cannot log into my account?
My tickets are not showing up in my wallet?
Are you going to pass my email address onto other companies?
How Do I buy an item?
If the event is cancelled how do I get my money back?
Is Kabodler a real ticketing site?
How do I dispute an event?
I was offered a free track where is it?
How do I sign into my Kabodler wallet?
How do I claim free tickets?
How do I find the seller's contact details?